The Sanger Leadership Journey

5 steps to becoming a better leader through self-coaching
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Michigan Ross Leader Endorsement  

Jumpstart your career post-graduation by having the skills and knowledge you need to succeed as a leader

Research Lab

An inclusive community for scholars from across the University of Michigan seeking to share and receive feedback on early-stage research

The Michigan Model of Leadership

A skills-based model that indicates which leadership skills learners have already polished and which skills need improvement

The Sanger Journey

Learn how to embark on your own leadership journey through intentionality and experimentation

Our Experiences

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Work in a small team to reflect on the shared experience, support one another’s learning, and take control of your own leadership development.
A 24-hour crisis simulation that prepares you to lead in high-pressure, high-stakes situations.
A series of fireside chat-style events featuring accomplished industry, political and non-profit leaders discussing the latest ideas in organizational research and ongoing practice with U-M faculty.
A six-week learning community that provides practical tools to help you design and lead diverse, equitable, and inclusive (DEI) teams and organizations.
A two-part workshop designed to unlock personal capabilities and increase influence. Craft a life purpose and vision, clarify values, & experiment with new ways of leading.
A credential designed to recognize the accomplishments of students who devote a large portion of their time at Michigan dedicated to becoming better leaders.


Workshops and action-based team challenges that will give you tools and skills to grow at leading yourself, others, teams, and organizations.
Our advanced leadership program, where you’ll learn from your diverse peers, receive executive coaching, & practice utilizing powerful research.
Learn the art of storytelling, developing executive presence, and delivering powerful messages from the stage.

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