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Starting again in the ’18-’19 academic year

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Our advanced leadership program, where you’ll learn from your diverse peers, receive executive coaching, & practice utilizing powerful research.
Become a transformational leader by learning about the Michigan Model, enhancing your self-awareness, & experimenting with new ways of leading.
Learn the art of storytelling, developing presence, and delivering powerful messages from the main stage.

Michigan Model Workshops

Develop your capabilities at Ross and beyond with the Michigan Model of Leadership and other tools to help you understand your journey and purpose.
Work in a small team to reflect on the shared experience, support one another’s learning, & take control of your own leadership development.
A team-based leadership experience through which you’ll deliver real, innovative solutions to a Fortune 100 company.
Collaborate with classmates and community leaders, enhance your leadership capabilities, and create real value in the City of Detroit.
A 24-hour crisis simulation that prepares you to lead in high-pressure, high-stakes situations.

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