Coaching is a personalized development experience designed to advance your leadership skills through one or more one-to-one sessions with a trained coach, evolving around the challenge/topic you bring. Sanger coaching is open to select students participating in the programs noted below. If you qualify for coaching, you will receive further information in-person or via email. If you have general questions about coaching, email us at

Skills You’ll Learn


Enhancing Self-Awareness

You will deepen understanding of the purpose, values, motivators, roles, and activities that bring out the best in you. You have the opportunity to form habits of reflection that will power your lifelong pursuit of greater self-knowledge.

Leading Authentically

Building on your enhanced self-awareness, you will explore how to lead in greater alignment with your purpose and values. We will challenge you to courageously step into your authentic self.

Advancing Self-Development

You will be challenged to stretch beyond your current self, try new things, develop new capabilities, and proactively lead your own learning journey. We’ll provide tools, resources, and encouragement to leave your comfort zone behind.

Leading Others

If you are seeking to improve your capabilities to lead others, you will learn best practices and tools to bring to your team or organization. With your new resources and confidence, you will empower and invigorate your team.



Group or 1:1 coaching sessions

Key Dates
Coaching is most commonly offered September-April, but may also be available in the summer per your coach’s schedule.

Time Commitment
One or more 50-minute sessions

Participant Requirements
The following students are invited to sign up for coaching appointments. Coaching is offered on an as-available basis.

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If you qualify for coaching, you will receive further information in-person or via email. If you have general questions about coaching, email us at

Coaching Formats Offered


1:1 Coaching

One Client to One Certified Coach

What is it?
A 1:1 coaching experience that is 100% customized to the individual’s leadership development needs.

What programs offer it?
1:1 coaching is available to Legacy Lab and Story Lab participants.

What are the benefits?
Personalized assistance based on your needs

Group Coaching

Group of four led by a certified coach

What is it?
A more structured experience that addresses developmental needs of the group.

What programs offer it?
Group coaching is integrated into the Ross Leaders AcademyLeading Inclusive Teams, and the Michigan Ross Leader Endorsement.

What are the benefits?

  • Promotes the ability to build and lead psychologically safe groups
  • Develops communication skills, such as delivering and receiving feedback, coaching others, active listening, and asking probing questions
  • Promotes idea diversity, collaboration among peers, and learning from others
  • Increases sense of accountability as the peer group and lead coach will be soliciting updates on problems being tackled, new ideas implemented, and milestones achieved against desired goals
  • Amplifies the likelihood of goal achievement for individuals

Coaching Compared to Other Services

Although there can be some overlap with other services, coaching is characterized by a focus on the present and future of your whole life, and on increasing your personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

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Value Proposition
Explore, experiment, learn new ways of being and doing.

Sample Statements
“What do you really want?”
“What else is possible?”


Value Proposition
Listen to emotional difficulties and offer strategies and resources.

Sample Statements
“What is troubling you?”
“These strategies might help.”

Career Consulting

Value Proposition
Provide information and advice on recruitment and career choices.

Sample Statements
“This is how the process works.”
“What career are you interested in?”


Value Proposition
Provide guidance and advice on work-related matters.

Sample Statements
“Let me tell you what I’ve done.”
“This is what I would do.”


Possible Coaching Topics

Almost anything can be a coaching topic, especially if you are motivated to change your behavior and take action. Always come prepared for your coaching session with a topic. Some possible topics could include:

  • Time management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Challenges in a leadership role
  • Unleashing creativity
  • Getting unstuck
  • Managing interpersonal relationships
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Finding / pursuing passion and purpose
  • Feeling overwhelmed
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Our Coaches

The Team

Jeff Domagala, M.Ed

Jeff Domagala, M.Ed

Sanger Managing Director
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC); Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

MRLE Coach, one-off appointments available upon request for special circumstances

Silke Janz, MS

Silke Janz, MS

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC); Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

Ross Leaders Academy Coach

Kathy Macdonald, MA, Ed.S

Kathy Macdonald, MA, Ed.S

President, Macdonald Group
Certified Ford Motor C-level Coach; Certified PwC Leadership & Development Coach

Ross Leaders Academy Coach

Brian Flanagan

Brian Flanagan

Founder and Principal at the Water’s Edge Leadership Institute

Legacy Lab Coach

wolf & heron

wolf & heron

Leadership development firm

Story Lab Coach