Sanger listed as a top reason why students should attend Michigan Ross

by | Nov 3, 2021 | Sanger News

Poets&Quants featured 12 members of the Full-Time MBA Class of 2023 and asked why they chose the top-ranked MBA program at Michigan Ross. The experiences and skills developed from the Sanger Leadership Center were listed as a top reason why prospective MBA students should attend Michigan Ross.

Juan Rogelio Lemarroy Montanaro, a Coatzacoalcos, Mexico native, said he was most excited about the opportunity to enhance his leadership skills. 

“As a self-employed entrepreneur and leader, I am eager to be a part of the Sanger Leadership Center, working on projects that could nurture my leadership skills further. Also, I look forward to becoming an active member of the Latin community at Ross to proudly represent my cultural background.”

Karnica Gupta, a Dehradun, India native, said Story Lab was a top reason why she wanted to attend Michigan Ross.

“In addition to the various action-based programming at Ross, I am excited about the Sanger Leadership Center’s Story Lab program,” Gupta said. “It’s an immersive storytelling workshop co-created with Ross’ Design + Business Club, that helps you refine your executive presence and communication skills. It relies on reflecting upon your life’s experiences and developing a narrative using proven story craft techniques. I’m excited to leverage this opportunity to round out my skills, and prepare myself for taking on future leadership roles in a global, multicultural setting.”

Rebecca Leder, a Washington, D.C. native, is most excited about Leadership Crisis Challenge, a program that immerses students in a simulated business and media crisis where students test their ability to strategize through extreme turbulence, think critically on their feet, and demonstrate poise under pressure. 

“The Sanger Leadership Center holds an annual 24-hour Crisis Challenge simulation,” Leder said. “I think well on my feet and love creating order from chaos, so I am excited to put that to the test in a high-stakes situation!”

Get to know our Michigan Ross MBA students in the full interview, linked below!

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Top row (left to right): Vu Nguyen, Janet Genser, Abhimanyu Vashistha, Gabriela Alvarez-Estades, Chisom Uche, and Eden Berdugo

Bottom row (left to right): Christopher Meyer, Rebecca Leder, Yasmin Abdulhadi, Juan Rogelio Lemarroy Montanaro, Foster Langsdorf, and Karnica Gupta