The Program

The Ross Leaders Academy (RLA) is the Sanger Leadership Center’s premier leadership development community for select students across campus. During the year-long program, you’ll make leadership development a primary focus of your Michigan experience. You’ll learn from a diverse set of peers, receive team executive coaching, and engage with 30+ years of powerful research advanced by the University of Michigan’s innovative faculty. You’ll emerge RLA more confident, more insightful, and with a vision to fuel your emerging career.

RLA kicks off in the fall with an exciting event and wraps up in the spring with a closing celebration.

RLA is made possible with generous support from the Deloitte Foundation, which is committed to enabling transformational learning experiences like RLA.

Get Involved

We select approximately 50 students from across U-M. The application process is competitive. Applicants are evaluated on a number of factors, including educational and personal background, interest in the program, willingness to learn, and group engagement.

RLA Class of 2019 at Michigan Stadium

RLA Class of 2019 at Michigan Stadium

Steps to Apply

Applications re-open each year in August and are typically due mid-September. We require an online application (view essay questions for 2019-2020). From there, we invite qualified candidates to a community interview, where we select 50 high-potential students. Please check back in August 2019 for the 2019-2020 application form.

“I walked away from RLA with a vision for the future, purposeful goals to drive me, and a set of values to fall back on in times of chaos. I always looked forward to our sessions, so much so I wished we had them every Friday! This is definitely one of the best, and most valuable, experiences any person can do during their time at Michigan.”

Simonne Dubois, Master of Design Science, ’18
2019-2020 Interest Form

Program Type

Learning Community

Key Dates

2019-2020 Academic Year
Sessions are Fridays from 12-2:30 PM and will be held at various locations at the U-M Ann Arbor campus.

Time Commitment

RLA meets 12 times over the course of the academic year. Sessions are generally 2.5 hours long and may require reflection in between each, for a total of about 8 hours per month.

Coaching will be scheduled separately based on your availability.

Participant Requirements

  • Deep interest in leadership development, personal growth, and lifelong learning
  • Any U-M Student (Junior, Seniors, and Graduate students)
    We are aware that Ross full-time MBA1s will be unable to participate due to their MAP schedules. We welcome full-time MBA2s to apply.
  • Ability to attend all sessions
    Participation in all sessions is integral to gaining the full benefit of the program. Students who miss more than two sessions will not receive the program completion certificate. We ask that participants bring conflicting dates to our attention during the kickoff event.

Skills You’ll Learn

Enhancing Self-Awareness
You will deepen understanding of the purpose, values, motivators, roles, and activities that bring out the best in you. Along the way, you’ll form habits of reflection that will power your lifelong pursuit of greater self-knowledge.

Working with Diverse Individuals
The academy includes graduate and undergraduate students drawn from all of the university’s schools and colleges. You’ll collaborate with this diverse group of students to advance your own learning, while supporting, coaching, and developing others.

Advancing Self-Development
You will also be challenged to stretch beyond your current self, try new things, develop new capabilities, and proactively lead your own learning journey. We’ll provide tools, resources, and encouragement to leave your comfort zone behind.

Building Strong Networks
Your career advancement, influence, and impact will depend to a large degree on the quality of your network. The academy will enable you to build strong, trusting relationships across sectors, industries, and disciplines.



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