The Program

This series of two workshops is designed to help you unlock your personal capabilities and increase your influence. The workshops will be filled with reflective activities, powerful stories, and meaningful engagement with your peers. You will craft your life purpose and vision, clarify your values, and experiment with new ways of acting and leading. Ultimately, you’ll emerge as a stronger leader poised to create a lasting legacy.

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Legacy Lab is offered in the Fall and Winter semesters. Registration fills quickly.

“Students of all ages and disciplines could benefit from Legacy Lab. It’s important to make sure we are using our time here at the University of Michigan to its fullest advantage and Legacy Lab provides a safe and energizing space to explore our passions and purpose.”

Jon Peck, MAcc ‘17
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Program Type

Two-Part Workshop

Key Dates

Fall 2019
Dates will be posted once they are announced.

Winter 2020
Dates will be posted once they are announced.

Time Commitment

4 hours (2 hours each session)

Participant Requirements

  • Any U-M Student
  • Ability to attend both sessions

Skills You’ll Learn

Advancing Self-Development
You will learn how to apply a powerful framework to your life that will help you become a transformational leader. Along the way, you’ll gain four powerful tools that you can use to propel your self-development.

Developing a Growth Mindset
You’ll discover how to achieve more by learning more. During the workshop, feedback and self-reflection will be two powerful sources of insight, helping you develop a balanced view of yourself and energizing learning goals.

Clarifying Purpose and Values
You will begin uncovering your life purpose and core values, which will help you build a foundation for your authentic leadership that is rooted in passion and integrity.

Building Trust
You’ll assess how you add value in groups and discover how to enhance your impact. During the workshop, you’ll surface insights about how to build strong relationships and teams that thrive.