The Program

Leader Experience (LDRx) is a student-led community that provides you with tools and a community to reflect upon your leadership experiences and take control of your development. You’ll meet once per week with a small group of 4-6 peers, and utilize a flexible, discussion-based curriculum. Throughout the year, you will advance your leadership development and your group’s by increasing self-knowledge, experimenting with new ways of leading, reflecting on results, and synthesizing learning.

Students often list LDRx among their most powerful experiences at Ross. The power of your LDRx experience will depend upon your team’s commitment to meeting regularly, completing reflections, and supporting each other’s learning.

Get Involved

Applications are accepted once per year in September. Ross students will be notified via email when registration opens for the 2023-2024 school year.

“LDRx was extremely beneficial in my development of skills for leadership and team collaboration. I was able to reflect in ways I had never considered before, which really strengthened my ability to work on my leadership skills and will continue to help me as I encounter new leadership and team experiences at Ross and in life in general.”

Danielle Martin, BBA ’22

Program Type

Learning Community

2023-2024 Key Dates

  • October-March: LDRx total duration

Time Commitment

Approximately one hour per week with your team, in addition to a commitment to intentional experimentation with your leadership skills throughout your daily routine. Two-hour optional socials will help you de-stress during busy periods, connect more with your cohort and build your network. There will also be two cohort-wide meetings during the year that you are expected to attend.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is available as part of the program experience. To learn more about leadership coaching and how it is integrated into this program, visit our coaching page.

Participant Requirements

  • Full-Time or Weekend MBAs
  • BBA Juniors & Seniors

Skills You’ll Learn

Practicing Self-Reflection
“Know thyself” is one of the world’s original leadership teachings and it’s as important as ever. A rich understanding of your purpose, core values, passions, and strengths is essential and achievable. In LDRx, you’ll work to uncover these insights and help others do the same.

Learning from Experience and Feedback
You’ll face many leadership challenges at Ross. Learning from your experience is both critically important and difficult to achieve. LDRx will help you practice new skills, seek feedback, synthesize learning, and maximize return on your investment.

Contribute to a Community
You’ll learn how to develop relationships with peers who bring diverse identities to the table. You’ll practice vulnerability and self-awareness and develop trusting interpersonal relationships.

Building Strong Networks
A strong network of peers—built upon mutual positive regard, trust, and respectful engagement—will be an invaluable resource as you develop your leadership and career. LDRx is a great investment in building your network.




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