The Program

Leader Experience (LDRx) is a student-led community that provides you with tools and a community to reflect upon your leadership experiences and take control of your development. You’ll meet once per week with a small group of 4-6 peers, and utilize a flexible, discussion-based curriculum. Throughout the year, you will advance your leadership development and your group’s by increasing self-knowledge, experimenting with new ways of leading, reflecting on results, and synthesizing learning.

Students often list LDRx among their most powerful experiences at Ross. The power of your LDRx experience will depend upon your team’s commitment to meeting regularly, completing reflections, and supporting each other’s learning.

Get Involved

MBA and BBA students can apply to be a part of LDRx. Watch for application details. If you are selected to participate in LDRx, the next step will be attending the kickoff event, where our student steering committee will share details of the program, reveal your team assignment, and get you and your team collaborating on preliminary reflective exercises.

“Through LDRx, I will leave Ross better equipped to handle the tough decisions that business leaders face and continue to grow from such challenges.”

Julie Smith, MBA ’17
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Program Type

Learning Community

Key Dates

Our 2018-2019 cohort has been selected. To participate in 2019-2020, please check back in August 2019 for the application details.

Our 2018-2019 cohort has been selected. To participate in 2019-2020, please check back in August 2019 for the application details.

Time Commitment

Approximately 1 hour per week with your team is suggested, in addition to mandatory attendance at all cohort-wide activities and meetings.

Participant Requirements

  • MBA: MBA1 and MBA2s can either be participants or group facilitators
  • BBA: Freshmen and sophomores can participate and junior and seniors can participate as group facilitators

Skills You’ll Learn

Practicing Self-Reflection
“Know thyself” is one of the world’s original leadership teachings and it’s as important as ever. A rich understanding of your purpose, core values, passions, and strengths is essential and achievable. In LDRx, you’ll work to uncover these self-insights and help others do the same.

Building Trust
You’ll meet regularly in a small group to help each other explore, plan, and enhance leadership development efforts. Through your meetings, activities, and group reflections, you’ll develop strong, trusting interpersonal relationships.

Learning from Experience and Feedback
You’ll face many leadership challenges at Ross. Learning from your experience is both critically important and difficult to achieve. LDRx will help you practice new skills, seek feedback, synthesize learning, and maximize return on your investment.

Building Strong Networks
A strong network of peers—built upon mutual positive regard, trust, and respectful engagement—will be an invaluable resource as you develop your leadership and career. LDRx is a great investment in building your network.