Introducing 1:1 Coaching to the Michigan Ross Leader Endorsement

by | Feb 28, 2024 | Sanger Programs, MRLE

The Sanger Leadership Center is thrilled to announce the addition of leadership coaching to its credential program, the Michigan Ross Leader Endorsement (MRLE).

MRLE is designed for students who want to devote a large portion of their Ross journey to developing their leadership abilities, gaining a competitive advantage in the job market, and driving meaningful change. Participants undergo a rigorous curriculum, including Sanger programs, leadership-focused assignments, and elective courses, totaling a minimum of 60 hours of instruction. These courses are carefully curated to provide a well-rounded understanding of leadership principles and practices. Additionally, participants must demonstrate their leadership skills through a capstone project, showcasing their ability to reflect, learn from experience, and apply what they have learned in a real-world setting.

As organizations navigate increasingly complex and dynamic environments, the demand for skilled leaders who can inspire, motivate, and drive results has never been higher. Jeff Domagala, managing director of the Sanger Leadership Center and International Coaching Federation Certified Coach, commented on how the addition of coaching strengthens the leader endorsement: “MRLE participants are going to be provided with personalized guidance and support as they navigate their leadership journey. During coaching sessions, they will receive actionable feedback, identify areas for growth, and develop strategies to overcome challenges from seasoned, certified coaches. This individualized approach empowers our students to unlock their full potential and become more effective leaders.”

Beginning this semester, students will engage with two experienced coaches, Steve Bodei and Griffin Reames. “We are excited to launch the program, evaluate its effectiveness, and potentially expand it in the future,” said Suzy Skrtic, a program specialist at Sanger who oversees the leader endorsement.

MRLE is currently open to all Ross graduate students. Since it launched in 2021, MRLE has tripled in participation, underscoring the student demand for leadership development. Enrollment is ongoing; most students can sign up at any time for the program (OYMs are required to sign up by December 1) and complete the requirements at their own pace.

Steve Bodei

Steve Bodei

A certified Leadership Coach for Organizational Well-Being (George Mason University), Steve brings 15 years of experience in leadership and development in complex organizations. Building on a Master’s in Leadership and Public Administration, he first began making connections between personal development and performance in higher education, mentoring students, and going on to design a leadership certification and learning, training, and development programs. Today, his work brings him into contact with higher education professionals, athletes, public servants, entrepreneurs, and — sometimes, best of all — people figuring out just what their next big move should be. Learn more about Steve.

Steve Bodei

Griffin Reames

Griffin is a leadership coach who works with individuals and teams to improve relationships, motivation, and performance. She has extensive experience in strategic planning, organizational design, and group facilitation. Griffin is an effective, democratic leader who quickly establishes trust, demonstrates a systematic approach to problem-solving and future state design, and uses creativity and collaboration to generate meaningful change. Learn more about Griffin.