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Sanger is thrilled to announce that two team members, Faculty Director Lindy Greer and Managing Director Jeff Domagala, have been recognized for their outstanding achievements and contributions to Michigan Ross.

Jeff Domagala – Ross Way Supervisory Excellence Award

Each year, several staff members whose contributions exemplify a dedicated approach to their work are selected for the Ross Way Staff Excellence Award. In 2018, a new category of awards was added to recognize supervisors whose leadership style embodies Ross’ values. Domagala is one of two recipients of the award this year. 

“Winning this award is a testament to our team,” Domagala commented. “By fostering a culture of growth, collaboration, and innovation, we’ve not only elevated our internal team engagement but also set a standard for leadership education. I’m grateful to lead such an exceptional team and proud to work alongside them to achieve great results while bringing joy to our work. This award isn’t just recognition of my efforts, but a celebration of our collective achievements.”

Words of Appreciation: 

“Jeff is an incredibly special leader at Ross. He is an absolute ‘multiplier.’ Everyone around him is able to develop and shine as true leaders because of the enormous care and compassion he puts into developing and supporting those around them. His amazing ‘Ted Lasso’ leadership style has helped elevate our unit and Ross as a whole over the last few years.” – Lindy Greer, Faculty Director, Sanger Leadership Center

“Under Jeff’s leadership, I have grown as a student affairs professional and as a person. He listens deeply, asks great questions to help guide my next decision, and advocates for me and my career. Since becoming managing director of the Sanger Leadership Center in 2020, he leads on a larger scale and has influenced our whole team with his thoughtful, coaching approach to leadership.” – Michelle Austin, Assistant Director, Programs & Partnerships, Sanger Leadership Center

Dr. Lindy Greer – Contribution to the Research Environment (CORE) Award

Michigan Ross employs world-class educators who supply the ideas and research shaping the future of business. Each year, the school recognizes its faculty for their outstanding research and teaching contributions. Greer is the recipient of the Contribution to the Research Environment (CORE) Award for her creative, substantive, and high-impact contributions as an individual faculty member in improving the research environment at Ross.

“Michigan has long been known in our field as ‘the’ place for scholarship on leadership, management, and organizations,” Greer commented. “Being able to contribute to this storied research environment has been one of the greatest honors of my career.”

Words of Appreciation: 

“Lindy has uplifted the research community through strategic connections and thought leadership. She’s created and sustained the Sanger Research Lab, creating a community of scholars and is the space in the school that gathers people to talk about emerging research, a true incubator! She ensures that all signature learning experiences at Sanger incorporate cutting-edge research, cementing Ross’s prominence in leadership research.” – Jeff Domagala, Managing Director, Sanger Leadership Center

“It is remarkable how Lindy has positively impacted the research community at Michigan Ross in so many ways. Whether it be individual efforts to mentor others and conduct her research, bringing science into the classroom, and/or aiding the MO area and the School through not only committee work but by innovatively infusing Sanger and the Behavioral Lab with a research orientation, I can think of no faculty member more deserving of this award. Her desire to help the collective and to do what is best for others at Michigan Ross exemplifies why she is deserving of the CORE Award.” – Dave Mayer, John H. Mitchell Professor of Business Ethics, Management and Organizations Area Chair, Stephen M. Ross School of Business

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