How to mitigate layoffs through organizational virtuousness

by | Jul 29, 2020 | Leading Organizations

Professor Emeritus Kim Cameron gave an interview with a popular HR resource, PeopleMatters, on how to mitigate layoffs in the COVID-19 economy. He argues that several of his studies have pointed to the fact that prioritizing people first above all else actually yields better financial wins for firms in the long term vs. laying people off. Letting employees go breeds distrust and lowers the morale of current employees. If a firm does have to lay off employees, Professor Cameron provides guidance on how to do so in a supportive manner, which he dubs virtuous practices.

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“The empirical evidence is clear, however, that firms which have sacrificed for employees, have stayed firm on their core values, and have not given up virtuous practices because it is inconvenient when times are tough have flourished in the long-run with very few exceptions.”- Kim Cameron, Professor Emeritus, Management and Organizations