Story Lab 2019: The Year in Review

by | Apr 17, 2019 | Story Lab

This year’s Story Lab program gave Rossers the opportunity to learn how to tell their story, to listen with empathy to others, and to celebrate our unique campus culture

“It’s been an incredible year of growth for Story Lab, and while that’s a reflection of the strong continuing partnership between Sanger and the Design+Business Club, it’s also a powerful reminder of what we have at Ross—a community of people who genuinely care about each other, not just as students and peers, but as people. It’s been so humbling to see that come to life so vividly this year at Story Lab.” – Bidnam Lee, MBA2, VP of Story Lab, Design+Business Club

Story Lab kickoffOur Story Lab Kickoff in October started us off by featuring some of our stellar storytellers from last year and explaining the arc of the program. We also had an alum—Neil Tambe, MBA ’15, who is now the Executive Manager in the Office of the Chief of Police in the City of Detroit—return to campus to tell his story. Student storytellers included: Pavneet Ahluwalia, MBA ’19; Ivan Aragon, MBA ’19; Kristina Deoleo, MBA ’19; Feng Gao, MBA ’19; and Sheela Lal, MBA ’19.

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Fall RetreatAt the Fall Story Lab retreats, 80+ students learned how to find their stories, refine their communication skills, and improve their executive presence. They were led by our partners at wolf&heron, an alumnae-owned company that specializes in storytelling and coaching.

Fall Ross DiariesEight students from the retreat were selected to tell their story in front of hundreds of classmates at the Fall Ross Diaries. Storytellers included: Nayantara Choudhary, MBA ’19; Tracy Wolfbiss Cohen, MBA ’19; Nikki Farahanchi, BBA ’22; Mira Kaufman, BBA ’21; Benaan Khorchid, MBA ’19; Emily Lucas, MBA ’19; Emma Miller, MBA ’20; and Vishnu Suresh, MBA ’20.

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Story Lab Winter RetreatIn January, we held additional Story Lab retreats with wolf&heron for more interested students.

Winter Ross DiariesWe had another full house in February for the Winter Ross Diaries, which included storytellers: Abhi Dua, MBA ’19; Candice Fu, MBA ’19; Jinny Han, MBA ’19; Kaitlyn Klingensmith, MBA ’19; Andrea Krushefski, MBA ’19; Guy Narcisse Fotso Tasse, MBA ’19; Antoinette Wade, MM ’19; and Samantha Yee, BBA ’19.

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Story Lab FinaleTo wrap up the year at the Story Lab Finale, we hosted alum Keith Alessi (MBA ’79) at our Story Lab Finale, and also heard from six students, including: Emily Akhtar, MBA ’19; Tim Carter, MBA ’19; Mira Kaufman, BBA ’21; Chima Mbadugha, MBA ’19; Lauren Pfeiffer, MBA ’19; and Kristan Sock, MBA ’20.

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Story Lab is co-created with the
Ross Design + Business Club. To get involved next year, indicate your interest on our form and we will contact you with details in the fall.