How We Won This Year’s Crisis Challenge

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Leadership Crisis Challenge, Managing Teams

By Gamal Elbialy, WMBA ’22; Natalie Juronoc, WMBA ’21; Dennis Emmatty, Evening MBA ’21; Elizabeth Fu, WMBA ’22; Juan Suchon, Evening MBA ’21

A crisis unfolded on the night of Jan. 28, 2021. We learned a security breach had befallen a growing security products firm, FullSafe, as it was in the middle of a partnership launch with Midwest University. This crisis, although simulated, was real to us, as we suddenly had to assume the roles of FullSafe executives for the 2021 Leadership Crisis Challenge.

We were fortunate to be on a team together — what are the odds a team would be composed of all Michigan Ross part-time MBA students? In many ways, being part-time students allowed us to leverage recent and current work experiences to handle the situation and to effectively communicate as a team.

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