Start creating your diversity, equity, & inclusion workplan by taking our new MOOC with Dr. Lindy Greer

by | Nov 20, 2020 | Leading Organizations

Do you want to make more of an impact as a leader? Do you want to know how to create a DEI action plan in your workplace?

We’re excited to announce that our faculty director, Dr. Lindy Greer, has just released a new course with Michigan Online called “Leading Diverse Teams and Organizations!” We encourage you to head over to Coursera to enroll or bookmark it to enroll at a later date.

Course Description

In this new course, you’ll gain evidence-based knowledge and practical tools to help you design and lead diverse, equitable, and inclusive (DEI) teams and organizations. You’ll better understand yourself and your personal identity in the workplace and gain new skills to identify privilege, implicit bias, and microaggressions in your organization and to take action as an active ally and change advocate. After hearing from experts representing a diverse array of real-world perspectives, you’ll understand best practices for equitable organizational processes and norms and inclusive behavioral practices in teams. Finally, you’ll learn about best practices for organizational DEI strategy, including the role of metrics in DEI work and how DEI work can be integrated into the heart of an organization. At the end of the course, you’ll create a DEI action plan which you can apply to your own life and workplace.

Throughout the course, you’ll:

• Describe the organizational benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion

• Identify the conditions under which diversity is most likely to benefit teams and organizations.

• Deepen your understanding of different demographic differences and how identity, implicit bias, and structural inequalities impact workplace dynamics.

• Identify best practices for equitable organizational processes and norms.

• Incorporate important considerations for how to lead inclusive teams, including conflict management skills, group decision making best practices, and emotion regulation.

• Gain tools for the implementation of DEI strategies in organizations, including the architecture of DEI groups, the role of data and metrics, and tools to integrate DEI into the very heart of an organization.

Enroll Today• Michigan Online is free to anyone in the U-M community, including alumni

• The course is 4 weeks and is self-paced