In December 2017, eight Rossers took the Story Lab stage in front of 250+ peers and shared their stories of failure. The stories ranged from broken relationships, academic struggles, run-ins with the law, and more. With each failure, however, came learning and redemption. Storytellers told us how they overcame their failure: They fell in love again. They found a new passion. They made themselves better.

Check out one story from the event below, from Chris Monti, MBA 18!

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  • YE Fan says:

    I love story lab. Why not publish all the videos on online to spread to more people and friends? I just found two videos to share on youtube. Waiting for that.

    • Michelle Austin says:

      Thanks for your comments, Ye! We’re happy you love Story Lab. We post the videos only if the students consent to their stories being shared. It’s entirely possible in the future that we may be posting more; it depends on what the students would like to do.

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