Look Out! Two Must Reads in the New Year

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Books, Self-Leadership, Strategies and Tips

“Know thyself” is one of the world’s original leadership tips and a tidal wave of books has reinforced the message in recent years. If you hope to become a more authentic, mindful, and emotionally intelligent leader, you must look inside yourself.

At Sanger, we’re big believers in the power of introspection and the insight it engenders. However, paradoxically, we’re also big believers in the opposite: the power of “outrospection” and “outsight.” These terms come from a pair of important books that have been making their way around our office: Empathy: Why It Matters and How to Get It, by Roman Krznaric and Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader, by Herminia Ibarra.

Both point to the importance of looking outside yourself as you develop your leadership.

For Krznaric, outrospection is the practice of walking a mile in another person’s shoes — especially someone who is unlike you — and truly seeing the world from their perspective. This discipline boosts empathy, enhances mutual understanding, and builds bridges. It also opens you to new worldviews, creative ideas, and alternative ways of living and leading.

For Ibarra, outsight is gained by stepping beyond the current limitations of your job, network, and self-conception, while embracing challenges that require new knowledge and skills. This practice increases your courage and impact. It also enables you to see the bigger picture, experiment with new approaches to leadership, and continuously reinvent yourself.

This past fall, Sanger’s Ross Leaders Academy helped students increase their integrity and drive by looking inside themselves. In the New Year, we’re shifting the focus outward, helping students take control of their own evolution, and working to enhance their empathy and courage. We could certainly use more of both in the world. Join us on the path with Krznaric and Ibarra as your guide.Act Like a Leader Think Like a Leader Book Cover
Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader, by Herminia Ibarra

Empathy Book Jacket
Empathy: Why It Matters and How to Get It, by Roman Krznaric