Former RLA fellow’s business chosen as a Poets & Quants 2020 Most Disruptive Startup

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Ross Leaders Academy, Sanger News, Podcast

“Countless studies point to the negative effects of media misrepresentation on the self-esteem and mental wellness of marginalized groups. For Arabs and Muslims, these effects are exacerbated by the sheer lack of accurate and affirming content out there,” explains Rima Imad Fadlallah, MBA ’20, and Ross Leaders Academy graduate, on why she founded her business, Thawra Network.

Thawra Network was recently chosen as a 2020 Most Disruptive Startup by Poets & Quants, and the Sanger team applauds the efforts of Rima and her co-founder, Yasmeen Kadouh. Thawra seeks to revolutionize the lived experiences of Arabs and Muslims in the U.S. through identity-affirming content and stories. Its podcast Dearborn Girl has made headlines for its engaging and thoughtful content that addresses the experiences of women living in Dearborn, including issues such as racism, colorism, and sexism.

Rima points to the Ross Leaders Academy as a pivotal part of her MBA experience at Michigan Ross that helped her develop her business. “I learned that true leadership comes from the inside out,” she explains.

Read more about Rima and Yasmeen’s accomplishment at Poets & Quants.


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