Cultivate Inclusive Community

We create spaces where people feel welcome, safe, and valued in all of their identities. We foster mutual trust with our partners and within our programs. We are committed to sincere curiosity, fairness, and understanding different perspectives.

Deliver High-Quality Results

We hold ourselves to a high standard and deliver evidence-based content that has a lasting impact. We affirm success, embrace failure as a part of the process, and hold ourselves accountable either way.

Nurture a Growth Mindset

We are committed to continual improvement and adaptation. We pledge to not only do what we already know works well, but to innovate, have an open mind, and change our approach when the available evidence suggests it is necessary.

Own Our Work

We each have a critical role to play. We take pride in our work as individuals contributing to a larger whole, and as a team that provides valuable programs and powerful ideas to the U-M community and beyond. Empowering each other to make decisions that are in line with our center’s strategic goals is what helps us be at our best.

Foster Joy

We have fun and enjoy each other’s company. We strive to create a work environment where people look forward to coming to work each day. It’s not about “looking on the bright side” or “finding a silver lining” when something doesn’t go the way we were expecting it to. Instead, it is the intentional practice of gratitude for and enjoyment of what we do and who we do it with.