The Program

Leading Inclusive Teams is a six-week learning community, combining asynchronous modules, small group peer-coaching, and live workshops. Gain evidence-based knowledge and practical tools to help you design and lead diverse, equitable, and inclusive (DEI) teams and organizations. Increase your self-awareness of your personal identity in the workplace, gain new skills to identify privilege, mitigate bias, call-in others to crucial conversations, be an active ally, and acquire organizational tools to lead inclusive teams, create equitable organizational processes, and lead D.E.I. strategic changes in your organizations. You’ll meet weekly in a small group of three to six peers to reflect on your DEI journey, practice new skills, apply insights to MAP projects while also participating in full-cohort events. You’ll receive peer-coaching training and serve as a rotating pod meeting facilitator. Along the way, you will be supported by an executive coach to deepen your learning.

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“The LIT program offered our team a safe and intentional space to have courageous and vulnerable conversations, truly reflecting our authentic selves. Additionally, the content and resources are great to support individual DEI goals and journeys. I would highly recommend LIT to other graduate students.”

Gabriela Alvarez Estades, MBA ’23

Program Type

Learning Community

Key Dates

2022 Program

Leading Inclusive Teams runs from 2/3-3/30, with asynchronous and small group learning and coaching in between live events. The live event dates are listed below.

2/3/22, 4:30-6 PM: Kickoff, Robertson Auditorium
2/18/22, 10-11:30 AM: Midway Event, B1560
3/30/22, 4:30-6 PM: Capstone, Zoom

Time Commitment

  • 1.5 hours per week: 30 minutes completing weekly modules, 1 hour with our pod and intentional experimentation with leadership behaviors
  • 4.5 hours total of live instruction throughout the program

Participant Requirements

Open to all Ross graduate students

Skills You’ll Learn

Learn Why DEI Matters
Describe the organizational bonuses and challenges of diversity, and identify when and why diversity is most likely to lead to positive outcomes

Understand Identity Dynamics
Deepen your understanding of different demographic differences and how identity, implicit bias, and structural inequalities impact workplace dynamics

Lead Equitable and Inclusive Teams
Identify best practices for equitable organizational processes and norms, as well for inclusive team dynamics, including conflict management skills, group decision making best practices, and emotion regulation

Gain Tools for DEI Strategic Change
Gain tools for the implementation of DEI strategies in organizations, including the architecture of DEI groups, the role of data and metrics, and tools to integrate DEI into the very heart of an organization