Identify Your Core Values Like our Global MBAs Do

by | Jun 21, 2018 | Michigan Model, Strategies and Tips

Just back from their three-month journey in Asia, the Global MBA Class of 2019 begins their year in Ann Arbor with a leadership program led by Brian Flanagan and Jeff Domagala at the Sanger Leadership Center. They will be joined by Professor David Mayer and Michigan Ross Director of Diversity, Taryn Petryk, as well.

At today’s session, GMBAs will delve into the Michigan Model of Leadership, learning how to manage their strengths within the Competing Values Framework. Then, they’ll move on to identify their core values and understand how they form the basis for good leadership. Today will wrap up with an energetic Cultural Intelligence presentation, where students will learn their strengths and developmental opportunities for functioning in multicultural workplaces.

To experience a bit of what the GMBAs will work on today, spend some time thinking about your own values.

To start, use the Good Project Values Card Sort tool to explore what is most important to you personally.

Then, tackle these three questions our students will reflect on:

  1. What do you value most in life?
  2. Do your day-to-day actions align with what matters most to you?
  3. What specific things can you do to make sure you are enacting your ideal self?

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