January Crisis Challenge Asks Students to Navigate High-Stakes HR Prejudice and Unconscious Bias Simulation

by | Feb 22, 2022 | Leadership Crisis Challenge, Sanger News, Sanger Programs

Six months prior to product launch, a whistleblower reveals your HR software as a service company is using artificial intelligence to make systematically biased decisions, not the unconscious bias-free decisions you promised to clients.

You and your executive team now have to quickly develop a solution to the PR nightmare. That is because in a matter of hours you’ll soon have to present that solution to a board of directors, all the while dealing with backlash from concerned stakeholders and the public. 

That was the nightmare scenario presented to more than 170 graduate students from the Ross School of Business and 14 other colleges at the University of Michigan as part of the 2022 Leadership Crisis Challenge. Read more about this year’s exciting and relevant case and how Michigan Ross students and alumni experienced the program on the Ross blog.

Winners of the 2022 January Leadership Crisis Challenge team.

(From left to right) Amanda Uphold, Shayne Adler, Allison Llanso, Alicia Hernandez, Emma Jabour, and Andres Casas.

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