The BBA Class of 2022 Weighs in on the Qualities of an Effective Leader

by | Aug 31, 2018 | Self-Leadership

During their orientation scavenger hunt this summer, incoming freshmen stopped in the Center for Centers to contemplate the traits of a good leader. Students represented all areas of the Michigan Model of Leadership with their responses.

Here are the top qualities the Class of 2022 penned:

  1. Communicative (Yellow Quadrant)
  2. Respectful (Yellow Quadrant)
  3. Collaborative (Yellow Quadrant)
  4. Driven (Blue Quadrant)
  5. ntegrity (Red Quadrant)
  6. Open-minded (Green Quadrant)

This is a great list! To learn how to embody some of the qualities the freshmen listed, check out our programs to focus on the skill areas you’d like to strengthen.


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