Our Stories

“The LIT program offered our team a safe and intentional space to have courageous and vulnerable conversations, truly reflecting our authentic selves. Additionally, the content and resources are great to support individual DEI goals and journeys. I would highly recommend LIT to other graduate students.”

Gabriela Alvarez Estades, MBA '23

“This program has helped me to better understand who I am and who I want to be. It helped me realize what my values and purpose are and how they relate to leadership. RLA is an experience I would not want to miss and something everyone should partake in.”

Carla Schaefer, MM '22
RLA was a very enriching experience for the mind and soul. I left every session feeling energized and more self-aware, like I had just done yoga. The program also provides you with many valuable opportunities such as coaching and team engagement to promote leadership development and effective communication. My RLA teammates are my friends for life!”
Tuba Rizvi, MHSA '23

“Story Lab was the perfect place to learn the framework of how to craft a great story and practice delivering it in a psychologically safe setting.”

Andrew Johnston, MBA '22

“This program was an incredible experience. Put under pressure with a team of students we had never met before, it encouraged us to come together quickly and develop strong bonds in a short time frame. Gaining feedback from industry professionals was extremely useful and I learned a lot. I highly recommend this experience to anyone.”

Madelyn Woodrow, BBA ‘23

“If you are questioning whether or not you should take the Sanger Leadership Crisis Challenge, the answer is yes. Everyone was either a little nervous or scared going into this experience. The teams, coaches, and feedback were all well worth the time. The experience with the board members and the press was nothing short of amazing. These people are all leaders in their industry and have given their time to develop future business leaders.”

Thomasina Camarda, GMBA ‘22

“RLA provided me with the guidance and environment to grow both as a leader and an individual by looking inward at my past and my values as well as learning from others in the cohort.”

Beste Aydin, BS Computer Engineering ‘21

RLA has been one of the best and most rewarding activities I have participated in during graduate school. Through RLA, I have been able to find more clarity around my purpose in life and learn valuable leadership lessons that are not often discussed. Additionally, I have been able to meet so many great individuals and develop a new support system through the RLA community.”

Audrey Lau, Master of Health Services Administration ‘21

“The LCC is like being in a pressure cooker. It forced us to collaborate but also work on our own towards the common goal under immense pressure in a field that I had minimal knowledge on. I then got to practice my executive presence during the board meeting and press conference. You can’t learn what you do from the LCC in the classroom. It forces you to think critically in situations that are so unique, but also so applicable to many other fields. The skillset you take away is unlike anything else.”

Matthew Serlin, LSA BS Economics ‘24

“Legacy Lab sessions have been instrumental in shaping my reflective capabilities and inspiring me to draft a purpose statement. With additional guidance from interactive 1:1 and group discussion time, I now feel inspired to begin implementing changes in both my personal and professional life to help make my purpose statement a reality.”

Elizabeth Ritter, MSI ‘22

“I entered the RLA program with a hope to transforming into a better leader and it took me less than a session to realize that transformation starts with self-awareness. RLA not only helped me understand my values and purpose but also pushed me to tie my actions with my values. Most importantly, I am not shy anymore to show that I am vulnerable and that is helping me to learn and grow in my leadership journey.”

Bharadwaj Chepuri, WMBA ‘21

“Legacy Lab is a really insightful and eye opening way to help you determine who you are, what you stand for, and how to apply that to the decisions you make for your life. I feel more grounded and sure about what is important to me and the next moves I need to make to pursue things I want for myself in a truly authentic and meaningful way!

Claire Pardington, WMBA ‘21