A leadership skill development program for those who identify as women and their allies.

We’re proud to introduce Women in Leadership, a program sponsored by General Motors (GM). Women remain underrepresented in top leadership positions around the world. We seek to provide space to increase agency, amplify women’s voices, and work with women and allies to overcome barriers.


Dr. Ijeoma Nwaogu

Part I: Navigating, Negotiating, and Resisting Self-Doubt
with Dr. Ijeoma Nwaogu, CEO of EVERLEAD, LLC, a leadership coaching and consulting enterprise

Pursuing new and challenging growth opportunities can trigger self-doubt—which can either lead you down a spiraling path of self-sabotage—OR—be repurposed as fuel to go after your greatest aspirations. In this talk, Dr. Nwaogu equipped listeners with an empirically validated mind shift insights and strategies to address self-doubt triggers to achieve personal and professional goals with greater courage and confidence.


Part II: Leading through Crisis: Expert Insights

This panel discussion took place during Crisis Challenge. Participants gained insight into planning, preparing, navigating, and overcoming global and corporate crises. Reflecting on their own experiences, leaders from GM shared what they have learned from navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and other crises, along with recommendations for how emerging leaders can manage crises throughout their careers.


Women in Leadership: Telva McGruder on DEI and Amplifying Women in STEM

On April 6, Telva McGruder, the chief diversity, equity, and inclusion officer for GM, was the featured presenter for WiL. McGruder was joined by Cheri Alexander, executive coach and professor of management and organizations at Ross, to discuss how GM is accelerating gender equity for women and the importance of unique perspectives that drive a global brand.