The Program

The Michigan Model of Leadership is based on a half-century of research and practice, and it serves as a simple and useful guide for seasoned and up-in-coming leaders alike. Virtually all Ross students take part in our interactive and engaging “Michigan Model of Leadership and You” workshop early in the business school experience. In it, you’ll learn about four leadership styles embedded in the model, your personal strengths and weaknesses, and steps you can begin taking now to further develop your capabilities and lead more adaptively.

Ross MBA students (all formats) participate in the workshop during orientation, as do students in Ross’s MM, MAcc, and MSCM program. BBA students have the opportunity to participate during BA 200. It is also available upon request and has been offered to groups of faculty, staff, and students across the university.

“Through my experience at Sanger, I feel more confident in understanding myself and others and how to leverage that new insight into becoming an effective leader.”

Jake Baker, BSN ‘16, MM ‘18

On-Demand & Custom Workshops

Beyond “Michigan Model of Leadership and You,” we offer workshops on demand that leverage the model to:

  • Develop empathy, drive, integrity, and courage
  • Deepen self-awareness
  • Prepare individuals to proactively drive their learning and growth as leaders
  • Help project teams and clubs organize, plan, and leverage strengths

We regularly engage with faculty, staff, and students across campus to deliver custom workshops that meet their unique needs. Partners have included:

  • Association for Women in Science
  • Michigan Athletics
  • Newnan Advising Center and the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
  • Office of the Vice President for Student Life
  • Ross Faculty & Student Clubs
  • Tauber Institute for Global Operations
  • Wilson Student Team Project Center at the College of Engineering

If you are interested in bringing the Michigan Model of Leadership to your organization, please contact us.