The Program

Your MBA at Michigan Ross begins with intentional skills-based leadership trainings during orientation. You’ll take part in workshops and action-based team challenges that will give you tools and skills to grow at leading yourself, others, teams, and organizations. The Sanger Leadership Center will be at your side, helping you gain self-awareness, set learning goals for your time at Ross, and offering you a few safe landing pads to try out some new leadership behaviors at orientation, as well as connect with your classmates.

We will present the Michigan Model of Leadership as a framework to raise self-awareness of the leadership skills you’ve acquired and those you still need to polish. We’ll walk you through an exercise that will help you chart out where you are coming from and where you are going while on your leadership journey at Ross. Finally, we’ll walk you through interactive team challenges where you’ll have a chance to put your leadership learning goals into action and learn what it takes to lead effective teams and organizations. The learning, reflections, and action-based learning during orientation will provide you with a path forward to grow your leadership skills throughout your MBA.

Get Involved

As an incoming student, you will receive information via email from your program office about your orientation.

“As the activity progressed, it became apparent that the titles were just titles, and empowering leadership within the section was the best way to succeed. After our intermission full of thoughtful discussion, we returned with a revamped strategy and energy, finishing the project with smiles all around!”

Ashruth Easwar, MBA ’21

Key Dates

Full-Time MBA

Week of August 24, 2020 for the Class of 2022

Part-Time MBA

May 2021

Program Type

Workshop, Action-Based Learning

Time Commitment

Varies by academic program

Participant Requirements

Full-Time MBA or Part-Time MBA

Skills You’ll Learn

You’ll gain self-awareness of your leadership skills, learn how to create an intentional leadership learning journey for yourself, and gain resources to guide you on this journey.

Leading Others
You’ll gain access to valuable interpersonal skills, including communication, influence, and emotional intelligence.

Leading Teams and Organizations
You’ll learn how to lead teams and organizations, including building collaborative cultures, driving results, structuring team processes, and developing team flexibility and innovation.

Scenes from the Program

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