The Program

The Business + Impact Challenge is an action-based team experience aimed at delivering innovative solutions to a Fortune 100 company or highly-visible community organization. You will learn and apply leadership and teamwork skills as well as tools that drive innovation and creativity within a team setting. You will have the opportunity to work collaboratively, think creatively, design strategically, and present your solutions. Ultimately, you’ll explore the potential of business as a means to create a better world.

Get Involved

The Business + Impact Challenge is a required part of orientation for many Michigan Ross graduate students. As an incoming student, you will receive information via email from your program office.

“The Business + Impact Challenge provided me with valuable tools to assess myself and provide feedback to team members, making use of the well-thought-out Michigan Model of Leadership.”

Nived Govind Karumatt, MBA ’21

Program Type

Action-Based Learning

Key Dates

Part-Time MBA

May 10-11 2019 for the Class of 2021

Full-Time MBA

August 6-8, 2019 for the Class of 2021

Proudly supported by the Deloitte Foundation.

Master of Management, Master of Accounting, and Master of Supply Chain Management

October 21-22, 2019, for the Class of 2020

Proudly supported by the Deloitte Foundation.

Time Commitment

Varies by academic program

Participant Requirements

Full-Time MBA, Part-Time MBA, MM, MAcc, or MSCM


Skills You’ll Learn

Solving Problems Creatively
You’ll work alongside a business to develop ideas that will help it evolve and grow. To do so, you’ll need to get beyond a surface understanding of problems to the heart of the matter, while challenging others to more clearly see solutions and possibilities.

Driving Results
You will experience firsthand what it takes to create exceptional value for shareholders, stakeholders, and society. You and your team will be at the forefront of solving a real-world problem by finding a shared mission, achieving energizing goals under pressure, and pitching your ideas.

Leading Change and Innovation
Your team’s success will depend on its ability to generate breakthrough ideas. You’ll be encouraged to offer novel ideas and perspectives, show courage to take risks, and enable others to do the same.

Leading Others
You will do all of this with others and have the opportunity to practice a breadth of team leadership skills. From articulating direction and coordinating to empowering and inspiring, you’ll develop skills to lead from any position in an organization.



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