Leadership on the Road: Ross Open Road

by | Jun 6, 2018 | Uncategorized

Michigan Ross MBAs are making an impact across the United States this summer as part of Ross Open Road. The program, which is powered by the Center for Social Impact and sponsored by the Sanger Leadership Center, the Zell Lurie Institute, the Erb Institute, and the MBA Program Office, has taken students to cities as close as Detroit and as far as Lacey, Washington, and everywhere in between.

In each city, students lend their creativity and expertise to small business owners facing complex challenges. The program gives students real-world experience while they learn about the various issues social ventures face. Each stop also brings an opportunity for students to practice their leadership skills. They must bring empathy and understanding to learn about different cultures and businesses, while at the same time working quickly to develop insightful strategies.

Ross Open Road is also student-run, which means MBAs are practicing leadership skills before, during, and after the planning of the program. We admire the entrepreneurial spirit and drive of this year’s student teams!

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Photos courtesy Ross Open Road teams